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Community Development

Community development is defined by the UN as a process aimed at creating conditions for economic and social progress for the entire community, with its active participation, and the greatest possible confidence in its own initiatives.

In communities, the central activity is economic activity, but alongside it, and as an essential part of development, are social needs, such as education, health, culture, sports, recreation and others.

As an extension of our work, the Engagement Foundation carries out development activities to promote the satisfaction of these needs, and the improvement in the lifestyle of various Latin American communities.

First Aid

At Engagement Foundation we work to build strong and integrated communities, promoting local initiatives that address the social problems of each entity to achieve its maximum potential.

Until 2021, through our Programs, associated Programs and campaigns we have achieved:

  • 330 people benefited with supplies, assistance and legal advice in Canada

  • 31 Alliances formed with Latino entrepreneurs in Canada

  • +26.8 Ton of donations of clothing, footwear, and personal items sent to Venezuela

  • 19 Workshops and Talks given by specialists in the areas of finance, technology and well-being

Current projects


Relieve personal needs by providing clothing and shoes to families in need.

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Donation Boxes


Offer second-hand clothing, footwear, toys, sports and household items at affordable costs

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Woman Browsing in Clothing Store


Provide the Latino community residing or recently arrived in Canada with a continuous assistance service.

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Spring Fashion
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