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La friperie

La friperie is a non-profit social economy project that seeks through a bazaar or store (fixed and mobile) to offer new or second-hand clothing, footwear, toys, sporting goods and household items at affordable costs. and in some cases free (depending on the state).


  • Offer various items at reasonable prices for the low-income population located in Maturín, Monagas.  

  • Respond to the basic needs of the communities where they are established.  

  • La Friperie is a different concept in Venezuela that seeks to generate jobs and volunteer opportunities to stimulate the local economy and learning.

  • La Friperie will offer spaces for social gatherings, practical training, workshops for the well-being and support of the community, for example: self-knowledge, self-esteem, single parenthood, family relationships, information on local resources and other topics of need and interest.  

  • La Friperie wants to become a social benchmark and a collection center to receive donations of the items described in previous paragraphs.  

  • Ecological dimension by allowing many people to have access to items that can be reused.

Free clothes donation


The funds obtained are used to maintain our food and community development programs, as well as operating costs. All this with the intention of  generate self-financing and make local programs sustainable.

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