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Collecting Smiles

The Collecting Smiles program collects clothing, school supplies and toys in the US to be delivered to our local partner organizations based in Venezuela and to be distributed among the most vulnerable communities.


  • Alleviate poverty by providing clothes and shoes to children in need.

  • Increase recreational and fun activities by providing toys to children.

  • Improve the education of children by providing tools and supplies that contribute to their learning process

Clothes Donation

How do we do it?

  1. We encourage the American and Canadian community to help and donate to the children of Venezuela through the collection of school supplies, toys and clothes.

  2. We receive donations, classify them and prepare boxes that are sent from Miami, Florida to Caracas, Venezuela.

  3. The boxes arrive at the house of our coordinator and from there the boxes are distributed among the most disadvantaged neighborhoods and the most affected areas.

  4. Currently we only distribute to Caracas since our program is the most recent projects of Engagement Foundation. We hope to grow to be able to distribute to other states of Venezuela.

Our scope

Until the end of 2021 we have been able to achieve: ​

  • More than 1,180 boxes equivalent to 2.6 tons were shipped, with medical supplies, clothing, footwear and school supplies.

  • More than 59,000 people benefited since the beginning of the program

  • More than 50 sponsored centers in 18 states of Venezuela

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