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What we do

From Engagement Foundation we work from the implementation of programs, associated programs, and campaigns that offer useful tools to people and communities to enhance their comprehensive development. 

Programs: Initiatives designed by the Engagement Foundation for an indefinite period of time with well-defined objectives and goals, which allow the Foundation's mission to materialize in each of its lines of action.

Associated Programs:  Efforts carried out in conjunction with another Foundation or ally. They can respond to the needs of the Engagement Foundation or the requesting organization.

Campaigns: Specific activities of finite duration to strengthen or support one of our lines of action.

Through the continuous work of each of our collaborators, coordinators and volunteers, our projects are framed in the following lines of action:


Specialized programs to achieve better opportunities

Personal Health and Well-being

Programs designed to help achieve full health

Community development

Programs focused on building strong and integrated communities

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