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Contribute to education, personal well-being and the strengthening of communities to improve their quality of life.


Engagement Foundation seeks to be a reference organization in America, through the implementation of social programs framed in the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations) that offer useful tools to people and communities to enhance their comprehensive development.


  1. Help eradicate poverty in vulnerable populations in Latin America

  2. Contribute to food security for a healthy life.

  3. Promote health and wellness for individuals and communities of all ages.

  4. Promote inclusive and equitable quality education.

  5. Achieve gender equality and empower women and girls.

  6. Promote sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work.

  7. Foster alliances for sustainable development.

Our work is based on well-defined values:

  • Solidarity with the communities promoting their well-being and development.

  • Respect foster inclusion and diversity of human beings, regardless of race, language, religion, sex or social status. Respect for the planet and its resources.

  • Commitment to the execution of social programs.

  • Empathy to address individual and collective needs in a friendly way.

Smiling Teens
  • Unity represented in the teamwork of the organization.

  • Integration to generate a sense of belonging.

  • Institutional cooperation creating alliances with different organizations.

  • Responsibility to carry out the objectives with transparency, credibility and ethics.

  • Autonomy promoting personal empowerment. 

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