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Food Donation Volunteers

Join the team


  From the Engagement Foundation we offer unique opportunities to ongoing partnerships, where your participation on behalf of our work and guarantee can make a difference the success of each of our social assistance programs.

    Our internship program consists of unpaid internships, which last for four (4) months, 20 hours per week in flexible hours. Our goal is to grow the organization while your CV and work experience grows!

    If you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of those who need us most and are committed to giving to all a better chance for the future they deserve, then joining our team may be the right place for you.

We currently have internship and/or volunteer jobs available at:

Web Design 

Marketing and Communications Area

If you are a person with analytical and planning skills, you consider yourself creative and you believe you can manage goals such as:

- Development of marketing strategies for different growth projects of the Organization. - Design and development of web pages in Wix - Manage platforms such as: Google Ads and Google Analytics - Optimize search engine positioning (SEO). - Monitoring and analysis of the performance of web pages, detecting opportunities and optimizing them according to the objectives set. - Marketing, Business Administration, Communication, Industrial Engineering or related careers are ideal for this position.

Creador de Contenido / Diseñador Gráfico

Area de Marketing y Comunicaciones

If you are an outgoing, creative person with analytical skills, and you think you can handle goals such as:

- Generation of content for social media and community management in digital media. - Writing press releases, institutional publications, internal communications, among others. - Maintain contact with influencers, journalists and the media. - Development of communication strategies for different aspects of the life of the organization. - Communication, Graphic Design, Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising or related careers are ideal for this position. Community management in digital media.

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