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Immigrant support

The Immigrant Support program provides the Latino community residing or recently arrived in Canada with an assistance service that allows the immigrant to adapt to their new city of residence.


  • Provide assistance and support services to new immigrants residing in the city of Montreal and surroundings to facilitate their integration in their new city of residence.

  • Provide the necessary information for job placement, training opportunities and / or professional reorientation.

  • Provide sessions on finances, women's empowerment, psychological support, among other topics in order to make information accessible in Spanish.

  • Support Latino entrepreneurs in the promotion and dissemination of their products and services, as well as provide them with the necessary tools and services for the development and positioning of their business.

  • Create a solid, collaborative and integrated community with the host city and its Latin culture.

How do we do it?

  • We assist by phone or in person those who need assistance regarding their installation and knowledge of city operations.

  • We collect and deliver clothing, accessories and household goods to new immigrants or people in need.

  • We provide moral support in specific cases of immigrants who are refugees or asylum seekers.

  • We publish information corresponding to job offers, talks or training that allow the person to pursue their professional goals.

  • We conduct free webinars with expert speakers in areas of interest to the community for free and in your language.

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