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We can all make positive change in our communities. Find out here how you can be a sponsor and support the comprehensive training of low-income students between 8 and 18 years of age, through our educational programs English for Kids or Geeky Latin@s.

Programs Available

English for Kids Program:Our first educational program aimed at talented children and young people, supporting them in their education with scholarships to study English.

Geeky Latin@s Programs: A virtual educational program for the empowerment of young Latin@s in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, in addition to providing them with the tools for the development of their leadership, turning them into socially responsible young people.

Online Class

What does sponsorship cover?

Logo GL
  • Pedagogical Support:An introductory workshop, 4 STEAM learning workshops and an online soft skills workshop (12 sessions of 2 hours, 24 contact hours)

  • Monthly training workshops and forums:Leadership, Technology, Culture, Empowerment, Self-knowledge, Personal Development, Higher Education Planning (university applications, scholarships), etc.

  • Basic shirt and bag kit

  • School Agenda

Logo EFK
  • Pedagogical support:3 online English learning modules = 24 learning units

  • Monthly personal development training workshops:Leadership, Technology, Culture, Empowerment, Self-awareness, etc.

  • +200 academic hours

  • Technological support from teachers for 1 year(equipment and connectivity).

Types of sponsorship

Personal sponsorship

Aimed at all people who wish to join the cause on a monthly basis and give one or more children the opportunity to grow up healthy, educated and safe, changing their life and future forever. 


  • Profile of the sponsored child (country, academic record, interests, economic condition, etc.)

  • Donation receipt for taxes

  • Personalized godfather certificate at the end of the year

  • Invitation to participate in the graduation ceremony and celebrate the evolution of your godson in case you want to know his identity

  • Christmas letter 

  • Thank you letter with photo of the young person with their certificate

  • Video of the evolution of the young man in his apprenticeship at the end of the cycle 

Available plans

From USD 12.00 / CAD 16.00 monthly per godchild

*Min. 12 month contract

From USD 20.00 / CAD 25.00 monthly per godchild

*Min. 12 month contract

Business sponsorship

Planes dirigidos a organizaciones y empresas que optan por hacer del patrocinio de niños un aspecto destacado de su programa de filantropía corporativa. El patrocinio es una forma excepcional de generar buena voluntad para su empresa, al mismo tiempo que mejora la vida y el futuro de los niños. 


  • Tax donation receipt 

  • Virtual Graduation Invitation

  • Annual Thank You Letter for a Recipient

  • Newsletter with quarterly advance

  • Advertising in RRSS

  • *Presence of the brand in the virtual development of the program

  • *Space for chat in the program 

  • *Brand advertising in virtual and face-to-face events

  • *Brand presence in basic kit + school agenda

*This benefit is granted according to the contracted sponsorship plan

Available plans

Plans per cycle (6 months)

GL Silver

GL Gold

GL Platinum

GL Benefactor

10 kids

20 kids

30 kids

Complete cycle

USD 1500.00
USD 3000.00
USD 4500.00
USD 10000.00

Plans per cycle (12 months)

EFK Silver

EFK Gold

EFK Platinum

EFK Benefactor

10 kids

20 kids

30 kids

Complete cycle

USD 2400.00
USD 4800.00
USD 7500.00
USD 15000.00

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