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Geeky Latin@s

The Geeky Latin@s program is an online platform of thematic seminars conducted by professional Latina women to empower and spark the interest of Latina girls between the ages of 12 and 21 in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.


  • Offer educational training opportunities to low-income children and adolescents from Latin America and Spanish-speaking countries.

  • Promote the teaching of the English language in a dynamic, innovative and friendly way.

  • Promote values of personal development and citizenship.

  • Create awareness of social and environmental co-responsibility.

A Young Scientist looking through a microscope

How do we do it?

4 STEM workshops of 3 sessions:

  1. Scientific talks, debates and experiments to illustrate the importance of professional and leadership women in science.

  2. Talks and discussions on technology to illustrate the importance of technology and its applications.

  3. Engineering Lectures, discussions and group activities on Engineering topics, with a focus on experiences and corporate leadership.

  4. Talks and debates to illustrate the importance of professional women in mathematics, astronomy, environment and leadership in entrepreneurship.

3 Zoom sessions (1 per week, 2 hours each)

  1. 1 moderator, 2 talks (15-30 min), discussion and/or group activity (15-30 min)

  2. Online participant survey after each session and after each workshop to evaluate and improve the program.

Time invested per participant

  1. 2 hours per week, for a total cycle of 16 weeks.

  2. 2-week introductory sessions

  3. 12-week themed workshops

  4. Special 2-week closing sessions (scholarships and community leadership)

Our scope

Until the end of 2021 we have been able to achieve: ​

  • More than 200 participants benefited

  • A current enrollment of 220 boys and girls

  • Programs in online mode

  • More than 60 speakers and role-models

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