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Olympus is a support program for children, which sponsors the best academic and sports development for them, seeking to comply with a comprehensive profile that includes the use of English, academic and social training, hand in hand with sports practice as a springboard to achieve their dreams.


This comprehensive training is the platform that allows them to apply for scholarships at universities, translating their achievements into a contribution to the country and the world.


In this first stage, Venezuelan children not only become aware of their own situation but become generators of change to create the Venezuela we want, being ambassadors of it once they advance in the program.


  • Support sports training for children and young people.

  • Promote the comprehensive training of developing athletes.

  • Generate alliances for the academic development of children and
    young athletes.

  • To encourage in children and young people the desire to excel and

  • Promote social sensitivity in children and young athletes.

  • Generate alliances at different levels and in different regions to achieve
    the maximum scope of the Olympus program.

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Why support Olympus?

  • We are a non-profit organization that seeks to benefit the community, especially our children, who have incredible challenges to become athletes.

  • We believe in education and motivation to fulfill dreams, giving children opportunities in many areas and promoting their growth with it.

  • We believe in promoting peace through sport and teamwork, teaching social and life skills through them.

  • Our greatest asset is our people, we all help because we want our country to have high-quality citizens who spread the word and become ambassadors for sport, education and peace.

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